Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Op Shop Tuesday

My local little op shop just threw this curtain at me today, how could I say no? I've got plans, I'm dying to get hold of Amy Butler's 'Frenchy Bag', I've found the pattern over here there's some really nice fabric too, all very tempting.

Heaps of sewing to do today, Miss P really needs some warm dresses and skirts, can't get her in jeans at the mo, and it's freezing here in Sydney!


ingrid said...

Oh Lucky you! That curtain is a great find! I am having the same dressing issues with Lottie at the moment. She seems to think anything that isn't a skirt or covered in ruffles is totally unsuitable for a 3yo.

Linda said...

What a coincidence. I was going to order this pattern the other week but the postage was way too much so I will wait.
Mmm..nice fabric. Thanks for your nice comment about the quilt.