Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Conversation With Parker

in the bath with Dad: Dad: Can I have some more room for my legs? P: I've got big legs, look like you Dad: I just need a little bit more room P: But Mummy doesn't have long legs, cause I've got big legs and knees Bed Time: P: You want to play a game? Dad: Put your jammies on first, then we'll play P: But I want to play Polly first, I love climbing ropes and callipurs (Caterpillars) later.. P: I'm tired, go to sleep here? Dad: No you need to go in your own bed P: Where's Polly's cat? Polly and her cat? D: Come on, bed time P: Five more minutes, I just need to find polly and her cat Making Scrambled Eggs: P: This is hard work with the spoon Mum: Mind, don't touch the oven, it's hot P: I can touch this bit here? (touching the side) Mum: OK but be careful P: I love scrambba eggs! Please I put them on my knee and eat them, they not hot. P: Parker's not silly, Parker's a big girl

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