Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's been a really busy couple of months, with no time for blogging. Parker turned 3 we went away for Christmas and my sister got married. I still haven't received a slip in the post for the beautiful use swap - hope it's not lost in the Christmas post. Here is a pic of what I sent to Austin at I decided to do a bit of egg theme for her, as she loves to cook and seemed to like fruit themed home wares, so made her a felt egg warmer, thrifted the clown egg cup and an egg coddler from the 1950's with pear and leaf motif. It was my first blog swap, and the first of many more - time permitting.

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Austen G. said...

oh man, it still hasn't arrived? i'm starting to have terrible visions of the envelope (which was, it's true, packed to the gills, but it was also covered in about half a roll of packing tape) disintegrating somewhere over the ocean and scattering goodies everywhere. what a bummer. i think i'll start preparing a second package (it's a murphy's law thing: as soon as i send the replacement, the first one will arrive in the mail).

in other news, did you have a good Christmas? and how was the wedding?