Saturday, November 25, 2006

Let the Wild Rumpus Start .... Just 2 weeks till Miss P turns the big 3. We're having a party for her at home this year, nothing too flash, just her friends/cousins and lots of food, a big cake and of course some helium balloons! I'm going to try and stick to a colour scheme, cause I never really do, so going with lime green and orange. And going to play pass the parcel, with lots of cute trinkets from my fave shop "The 1,2,3 dollar" shop at Birkenhead - love it, they have the cutest little things, like big fat rubbers in the shape of crayons and thongs!! Will put some pics up once I've got the stash!

Posting this pic of our little minx when she was 9 months old, love looking back at old photos - in this one you can really see how orange her nose was dut to her love of carrot and pumpkin mash - I wish she still sat there opened mouthed at every meal!


Austen G. said...

Hi Claire! How did the birthday festivities go? Did your package arrive yet? I'm so worried it hasn't...I didn't actually think the post office *meant* six weeks when I asked how long it'd take to get there...they usually overestimate the mailing times by so much...eep! Hope all's going well in your neck of the woods! ~austen

Claire Falkigham said...

Party went well, we had 28 children running amok through the house and garden! Parcel is not here yet, we are going away for Christmas, but hopefully will arrive when we get back if not before.