Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Miss P is now at Day Care 2 days a week, Monday and Tuesday, so I've been hard at it, making things for her to wear. These 2 skirts are the latest to come out of the room. The black and white number is a bias cut full skirt which she calls her 'rock and roll skirt' I like the skull & cross bone motif, very wheels & Doll Baby. The red and white one is just goreous on, it's so floaty, has a gathered waist band, and pockets at the front, the back is elasticated, also quite a full skirt, has a touch of the milk-maid about it, but LOVE this style on. Girls gotta have pockets! I don't know about you but if I see one more 3, 2 or 4 tiered skirt I'm going to scream - sure they are cute, but really, enough with the tiered skirt.

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Austen G. said...

hi claire! i'm so excited to hear that your package has *finally* arrived! i was really worried that it was gone for good, floating somewhere in the pacific. i'm glad that miss p likes her pillow, too. can't wait to see pictures.

ps, i love the skirts, especially the skull and crossbones! genius (and great for playing pirates!). and my sister loves your new tablecloths (but she'd probably make them into shirts....!). have a great day!