Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My version of a shopping bag. Made from vintage upholstery weight linen, and doilies.
This one is for my Sister, and I'm in the process of making myself one.
I'm really happy with this bag, I wanted it to look organic and not too polished or slick,
but still 'finished'. I'm never keen perfection, but like things to be durable and well made.
I feel I got the balance right with this. And what better way to help the environment
than by using a 'green bag' that is made from vintage fabrics?

In other news, I heard that there was an abduction attempt on two 7 year old girls in Sydney on Friday, from the playground at a school (not our school), by a man and a woman.

The children got away and ran to a teacher, the would be abductors also fled, there was a description of the car, and the couple on the news. Scary for all parents, how brazen and from school!
In light of this, I thought it prudent to have the 'stranger danger' chat with Little P again. I might have been over the top though, cause she said she was scared this morning. I told her not to be scared, but to be 'alert', and to do what we talked about.
My question is, how do you emphasise the importance of stranger danger, without scaring the be-jingoes out of them?


Cathy said...

I am loving your bag - it is really great - I have so many doilies here - but I have another project in mind for them.

Not sure about the stranger danger - how awful to know that it is around.

Jacqui said...

far out that's a heavy conversation to have to have - for both of you. Thank god those kids got away. Terrifying.

On a lighter note, the bag is terrific. I've seen a bedspread made of old doilies and I loved it. If you get the urge to do more, there is an oppie at Glenbrook that is packed to the rafters with old linen!

Leahdis said...

Love, love love the bag! Im a doily addict. I think telling her what to look out for and just making sure that kids know that they need to stay inside the gates etc, is all you can do...its a fine line hey..

dorothybills said...

Hi Just popped in from willy-wagtail, love love your bag, I make bags too and it's great to see your great craftiness also.

I have had the stranger danger talk with my kids, we did some role playing to act out how they would react (well you hope), this made them feel in control, hope this helps.

Bec @ honi design said...

Been on a big of a reading and comment lag (have a million blogline posts that have piled up on me)
It was sooo nice reading through a heap of your posts I've missed!!
To sum up:
- LOVE you cannisters (am insanely jealous)
- the doily bag is simply stunning
and OMG I have a craving for scones and devonshire tea!!!

Miss Muggins said...

The bag is fab. Going green never looked so good! As for stranger danger just tell the kids what they need to hear, its easy to say too much. Let their questions guide you.

zose said...

here ya go. this is what i say, although Mrs Nelson wrote n W's mid-term report "could improve listening skills" which we already know, so i hope this sank in somewhere...

"P. there are some people in the world who don't have their own kids. And they think that stealing someone else's kids is a good idea. You must NEVER go with a grown up or kid you don't know well or is from your family, cause they might not keep you safe."

I reckon the key (as with pretty much everythign with kids) is lay it out for what it is, no emotional embellishment, just really pared back basics.

When we moved up here and started beaching lots, W formed a habit of running into the water before we'd finished getting the boys ready to go in. At first I told her she must not go in without a grownup who can swim, so she could be safe and have a good time.
I then noticed she ran off and attched herself to random stranger adults in the water, so we had to change it to
"You must ask us first if you may go in with whoever it is, and if we know they are safe, then you can go in with them before we are ready."

she always finds the bloody loophole....

Tania said...

The stranger danger thing is an awful balancing act. Straight talking without embellishment and keeping things verrrry low key is the way I go with things. And I never have the news on TV when my kids are around. Amazing the stuff they pick up.

Donna said...

I love these - Great use of a doiley for the inside pocket.

kimberlee said...

beautiful bags, i would only fill them with delicate treasure and not sure I could use them for food shopping though -too pretty!

oh that stranger danger thing, I think there really is no way to tell them with out scaring them, at least a little. fear sometimes keeps us safe.

Also I think raising kids who are not just compliant and obedient to every adult just because they are grown ups. Teaching them that their own bodies, thoughts, and emotions are relevant and important, Kids who can say "NO!" when it matters and aren;t afraid to sometimes do what they are NOT told. This is also important in keeping them safe.

victoria said...

Totally get what you mean wanting it to look bother organic/not too polished and but also finished. I like. Showing off doillies while grocery shopping has to be a good good thing.
Sranger danger, I don't know, my kids think any old person could kidnap them on the street but by the way they talk they seem to be a bit excited by the idea! Which wasn't what I have been trying to make them feel either..

willywagtail said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that a photo of my copy-cat bag is up on my blog. I really love this design and am now looking at doilies with thoughts of how two can be matched for this same look. Thankyou again. Cherrie

Anonymous said...