Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tales from the Sandpit

So today I:

Took Parker to Pre-School, stayed for 2 hours for 'Mother's Week' which consisted mainly of attending a tea party in the sandpit, funny, we all think our own children are brilliant, natural born leaders, who are destined for greatness, we all do, and it's ok. Today put things into perspective:

Parker to one of her little friends "You want to come play a game?"
LF: "Sure"
P: "OK - you be the Mum and I'll be the dog"

Bless her little socks, she stayed in character for a good 1/2 hour, one of the teachers mentioned how much Parker loves being a dog (and she does) and then said that she's given her more than a few bones this year! She particularly likes retrieving sticks, whilst wagging her imaginary tale and barking, gets hard on the knees though, so I can see why she likes to be a sandpit type of dog.

After my morning pre-school lark, I went to the bank, paid some bills at the Post Office, grabbed a coffee, and came home.

I had some Sao's with vegimite and a cup of tea for lunch, put a load of washing in the machine, hung that on the line, put Parker's doona and sheets (don't ask) in the washing machine, dicked around on the computer, reading all the blogs I love. Hung out doona and sheets, washed a load of dishes, vacuumed the carpets, swept the floorboards, put all my clothes away, picked up Parker's room - then picked up Parker. Made 'Special' fried rice for dinner, played a Charlie and Lola memory game, ran a bath. Big D put her in the bath, took her out dried her, played a Charlie and Lola memory game, read 3 bedtime stories, tucked her in to bed..... and now she sleeps.

After all that, I can see why Parker would rather be the dog then the Mummy.

NB: (photo of dandelion taken by big D)

Just in case you thought it was MY photo, cause I was reading somewhere about how scrap booking has become so competitive in the States, one lady, who was described in this article, as being a bit of a scrap booking anomaly, outspoken with tattoos, etc. Any way she was disqualified because some of the other 'ladies' found out that she had used a photo taken by someone else in her work. SHOCKING NO??


alexandra said...

She's probably now awaiting her last meal of Oreos and Doritos. The shame of it.

Victoria said...

yep, the dog is the thing to be. The scrapbooking thing is hilarious - it's competative?!! That's just too much.

Linnea said...

Your post made me laugh, and the dog story is so cute :o) You sure were busy!!