Friday, May 23, 2008

Boxing The Pleats

Ahh, box pleats ... love the look, and although they aren't hard to do, they're time consuming, all that marking out, turning in and pressing, blahdey blah.
I think I only swore a couple of times making this skirt, so on the whole, well worth it!
Backyard is covered in these perfect Autumn Leaves, great fun to kick around and throw about, we salute them for having the decency to fall on time.

Parker took this photo.
I like it, cause she held the camera up, rather than just taking photos at her own eye level. I like Big D's speedo's on the line - he wears these underneath board shorts, perhaps to avoid getting anything stuck in the Velcro? Or any wardrobe malfunctions that may occur?
And some op-shopped embroidery hanging up there too!
Quintessentially Australian I reckon.


alexandra said...

Great skirt, cute boots, gorgeous girl! And a great mini-photographer. I like it!

V funny re: Brett Whiteley. That's a great story!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the pleated skirt - reminded me of the school tunic I had to wear in the 70's! Looks just the thing for winter.

Victoria said...

Parker's photo is really nice and has special kind of light in it, yes, I like it a lot!

Lisa said...

Very Australian photo. Love it. My little one is a budding photographer too.

I love the skirt!