Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Antics

A trip to the Blue Mountains, the 3 sisters looking resplendent in Autumn colours!
The colours at this time of year in mountains are just fantastic. The walk down and back up the giant stairs, not so fantastic, specially with a 4 year old who has become obsessed with the Dreamtime Story of the 3 sisters. Love the story, but I've told it well over a hundreds times this week!
I need a T Shirt that says 'I'd rather be sewing' - mmm walking lots, not really my favourite, I enjoyed the cable-car ride immensely, just 'looking' at the view is more than fine by me.

I did get some sewing in, my Softie For Mirabel ...

She's a bit 'other worldy' not sure what it is, something with legs and ears and a happy face, nice for a baby to play with I think. I forgot to photograph the back though, I will before I send her to Pip.


Victoria said...

I think that softie would look realy cute lying next to a baby in a cot!
Happy Birthday for last week (gee I feel like I've missed all these events in people's lives in the last week.). The winter of our discount tent is hilarious!

dizzyjadey said...

Great weather for a jaunt up to the blue mountains! And the softie is very cute.