Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cheap Therapy

I'm a virgin knitter!

I found this wool at the oppy and really love the texture, not sure what it is some sort of mohair hybrid, it's lovely and soft, and after the week I've had, I just need something gentle to sit and do - it's strangely comforting, even though my knitting is still very naive! I'm trying to knit a scarf, after checking out how to cast on from the net - I didn't read how to cast off yet, will wait till I'm up to that part in a few years time.

Knitting is very slow, compared to sewing, but you can knit and blog, knit in front of the tele, knit and engage with your demanding child!! Not quite ready to knit in public, but you know, I could if I wanted to!!

I've been here to get some knitting inspiration, this is a link to Donna's old(ish) blog, which has a link to Purple Kappa, her new(ish) blog. Both are well worth reading.

And also here for knitting that I can only dream of!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Sherrin said...

Have fun with your new knitting adventure! I am a virgin knitter too... I have lots of ideas, but don't know how to make them into reality.

Donna said...

Thank you the blog mention, have fun knitting!

superminx said...

Knitting is fun, but crochet is even easier. I used to crochet through my boys' swimming lessons, at the park, playgroup... (I'm not v. sociable). It's also easier to stuff into your bag (only one short needle) and if you drop a stitch it's much easier (in my opinion) to pick it up... Those colours look delicious and the wool looks really soft. Thank god for op shops.

Suse said...

Welcome to the world of knitting! Looks great.

And as a previous commenter said, thank god for op shops.

Bird Bath said...

I like to knit....and after making about 15 scarves I feel it may be time to challenge myself with a beanie. Hoping to one day make a pair of socks:)