Monday, November 19, 2007

Kermit, Miss Buttons etc

Little P made this cubby house for Kermit and her baby doll on the back deck (the doll is under the bean bag, you can just see her bald head) The kermit came from Big D's Nan, and he's made from the most revolting feeling kind of fabric, he's a harsh softie!!

I love the little things she makes when no one is guiding her play, they are fascinating little things! This morning walking up to Daycare I had to grab her and pull her off the road as there was a car coming, when we got to the other side she said to me "Mummy don't pull me like that, I'm not a tractor you know"- made me laugh!

I finally had some time to try out Angela's Miss Buttons. I really enjoyed making this, such a genius little pattern, with easy to follow instructions. I'm thinking I might have to buy this pattern for my bigger Niece who is nearly 12, she should be able to make this on her own, though I don't think she's ever been any where near a sewing machine!


Kirsty said...

Your Miss Buttons is really sweet - she is a lot of fun to make.

Victoria said...

Oh, that is too much - I had one of those Kermits when I was little - about 23 years ago - I loved him so and eventally he fell apart and had to be buried in the backyard..

three buttons said...

Oooh, look at your stylish Miss B!!

I'm sure Miss 12 would love ago at Miss Buttons too ; )

emma said...

Making the Miss Buttons pattern with my 8, nearly nine yr old daughter was a lovely experience. I'm sure your niece will love it and love visiting Angela's gorgeous world of Miss Buttons made with such affection!