Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Thanks to the lovely Ingrid from lottielulu for nominating me as a Rockin Girl Blogger - I'm chuffed! The exciting part is nominating 5 other rockin girls, and they are (in no particular order) EVERYONE on my side bar, and these amazingly crafty women:

VicotriaE from Dear Meagan I can't tell you how beautiful Victoria's art work is, you'll have to have a look yourself. This girl has heart and sole and a way of using very few words to hit the nail on the head, her writing is often prose-like, just beautiful and thought provoking to read, I always leave her blog with something to ponder. I love her appreciation of old textiles and the fun art she makes with her 5 (yes 5) kids! Her trips to the Oppy always have me green with envy!

Linda from Pottering My blogland doppleganger I think - we share so many likes (loves!) West German pottery being one them. Linda has an amazing vintage eye and a way of putting things together with all the flair of a stylist, but without the pretension's. I love reading Linda's blog and pouring over her photos of her many collections, new finds and the adorable stuff she makes. She takes a great photo - more envy here from me!

Emma from Lovely Button Sweet and inspiring quilts (thanks Emma for getting me started on Parker's quilt!) Always a joy to pop over to this blog and see what Emma has been making, buying, doing. I love Emma's flashback Friday posts, the pics are always amazing - anyone who loves puffs as much as Emma is OK by me!

Angela from Three Buttons The Flashback Friday Ringleader!! I love Angela's blog - so full of fun and good humour! Have a look at her little shop (Sew Your Own) I've just bought a doll pattern to make - so simple and cute. I always leave this blog with a head FULL of ideas, a really inspirational Craft Blog.

Cosy from Comfy & Cosy Another textile/vintage lover! Cosy has a great eye for quality and it shows, gorgeous fabrics are always a regular theme on her blog - pure eye candy for the rest of us. I fell in love with a little needle holder that Cosy made by hand, no machine - a lovely piece of craftwomanship. Always a good recipe here BTW!

I agree with Ingrid, blog-land is a really kind and generous place, I love reading Craft blogs, and had no idea that starting one would generate any interest at all, I'm so pleased that I have at least one reader, and love to read the comments I get, not that I'm looking for any kind of approval, I just love the communication that comes with sharing your emotions!


Linda said...

Not pretentious-Moi??
Thanks for your kind words Claire. I agree with you about all the others too (of course I do):)

three buttons said...

Hi Claire, thank you so much for nominating me! So kind, I'm feeling kinda special now : )

emma said...

Thanks Claire!
I too had no idea that blogland was such a friendly place. Since starting my blog, I've had all sorts of wonderful crafty & other moments & even though the web is a global phenomena, it feels so incredibly local. Nice to meet ya.

VictoriaE said...

Thankyou so much, that is a lot of nice things to say. I LOVE your blog by the way! Gonna go check out the two Button blogs, havn't seen them before.

Cosy said...

Hey Claire! I feel very chuffed to get your nomination - you're very kind to think of my blog and I visit yours with every update! cheers Carolyn