Saturday, September 08, 2007

Flashback - Dad in his Sunday Best

I love this photo of my Dad and his cousin Lynn, taken in Whitby, in North Yorkshire, on what appears to be a really windy day. Taken around 1949.

It's appropriate that I post this photo, as my Dad has just spent a week in Sydney, after travelling out here from Holland where he lives now. He is in a wheelchair these days and has had major heart surgery, this hasn't curbed his drinking or smoking habits, nor his belligerent attitude! The day after he got off the plane he was taken to RPA Hospital, where he spent the next 3 days. Dad is now up in Nam-bore with my brother, who is threatening not to let him drink or smoke, it's bloody hard telling a dying man 'no' I've got to say, and I let him do whatever he likes, cause he really doesn't have long to go, and there's no telling him! Live and let live I say. I can't say that we have or ever had a close relationship, but you know he's my Dad, and he's lived his life according to his own set of rules - for better or worse.


Anonymous said...

I love this is so spontaneous with the wind and all.....the little girl in it looks a lot like my mother did at that age....maybe its just the era. i think you are right about your dad, let him live his last days enjoying himself - even though its hard to watch. If he is stubborn -which he sounds like he is, then hes not going to change now thats for sure!!

VictoriaE said...

I love the phrase "belligerant attitude". That's a lovely photo, perhaps he was belligerant (in a cheeky young boy way) even then..

Liss said...

what a beautiful photo. I love it.