Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flashback Friday, on Sunday

An impromptu blog-break, my Mum has been down for a few days, she left this morning, now just 2 weeks to go before my errant farther comes for a visit, he's coming from Holland (he's and Englishman living in Holland). Not looking forward to it, as well as his hand luggage he has so much other baggage to check in, of the emotional kind, plus he is completely belligerent, should be fun eh?

Flashback Friday
: The theme this week: group photos, sad to say that I couldn't find anything from any sport, school or otherwise - I could only find this photo of me with 2 school friends sitting on a very young Santa's knee. This was taken in 1982 in Perth, so we had only been in Australia for 2 years at this stage. I'm the not blond one on the left. God knows why we are holding over sized Teddies - probably to hide the undersized jeans!

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claireswimming said...

Hi Claire,
Cool name! he he.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am new to it and so it was lovely to see that someone is actually reading it. Do you want me to photocopy any of the patterns and send to you?