Monday, August 27, 2007

Flashback Friday, on Monday

1977 Redcar Beach in North Yorkshire, this is the three of us with Our Gran, Ethel (known as Jenny) we loved our Gran!

We grew up in Africa (mainly Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe). Every week our Gran would send comics from the UK, my Brother would run ahead of us from school on 'Comic Day' and grab the tube of comics, and then come running back to Leah and I with our bounty. We loved 'Comic Day', I remember hanging out for my brother to finish his 'Beano' so that I could read 'Denis the Menace'!! When we returned to England (I say returned, but I was actually born in Africa, so I wasn't 'returning' at all, but everyone else was, so I use their terminology) the Comic ritual continued. Every Sunday we would walk around to Gran and Granddad's in the morning and stay all day, reading our comics, eating scrummy home made cakes and biscuits and watching 'Wurzel Gummage'. Some Sundays Grandad would put us all in the car and we'd go on a drive to Hutenley Hole where we'd have 99-er ice creams - oh Joy! They were the most excruciating drives, as my Grandad would not go over 40 km an hour - EVER, these trips just took forever, with my Brother and I bickering in the back all the way back to Redcar!


Cathy said...

I just read your post with great delight. I didn't know that anybody else had been to Redcar. My husband was born at Saltburn by the Sea and lived in Redcar until he was 17 - he then migrated to Australia and I met him a year later and that was all about 24 years ago.!!
I have been there and I have been to Huttonleyhole (can't remember how to spell it). I will have to show my hubby the photo, he will get such a thrill to see the photo. He lived on Warwick Road in Redcar. Love your blog.

Cathy said...

Wow. Same school. My husband is 42 years old - Gordon Porter. I know he went to Rye Hills and Ings Farm ( I think) very small world. He has been trying to track down some of his old mates, (maybe he is a bit homesick). He has an older brother Ian (52) and a younger brother Colin (39).

Are we talking the same age group?

summer pickles said...

This is such a beautiful photo, it's so warm. I bet your family life was filled with hugs... just a lovely shot.

Wurzel Gummidge... I used to LOVE that show, even though I was a little scared of him at times. Mum and I used to sit down and watch it together.

This such a lovely flashback - thanks!