Friday, December 16, 2011


Our favourite thing to do at this time of year is to take comfort in making
our own decorations & wrapping paper, we also love to make our own jams/chutney's etc.
Big D and I have done this since little P was born.
It's fantastic now that she's 8, because she is wholeheartedly involved
in both these traditions.
When you have your own household traditions for Christmas,
beyond just decorating the tree, it seems
to take the edge off the mass consumer mentality that goes on
outside the home. Yes Christmas is a mad time of year, and people really
go crazy with the spending ... trying to fill a void maybe? keeping up with
the Jones's maybe? What ever the reason, it's just stuff, it's not going to
make you feel any better about life. Where as actually making stuff can,
there's something comforting about getting out the
hand made decorations every year, they are without
doubt, our most favourite!
It really doesn't take much time to make things,
and they aren't going to be 'perfect' but that's
where the love is .... hopping in the car,
driving to the shops, finding a car space blah, etc
takes a lot more time, and a lot less thought.
(pics from Family Circle 'Homemade Jams & Preserves' brilliant book).


sean the prawn said...

You are so right! Every year we seem to send more & more $ on each other buying presents we don't need.
When the kids are getting so much joy from making their own Christmas cards & decorations. Tomorrow I bake the panforte as I do every year & the house smells like Christmas.

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Ellie said...

it is a bloody brilliant book. I got mine at a Library sale of old books.