Saturday, October 08, 2011

our place ... lately.

Found at the oppy, a rare find, my local Vinnies has gone to the dogs.
They no longer put things on the floor as they come in, instead they are
sending everything to a central warehouse, and in turn receiving stuff
from a central warehouse, so the stock is not the same. It's bland, homogenised.
I wonder how much ends up in the bin now?
Gone are the old girls sitting at the till in a dimly lit store, pontificating
the cost of living, and young people's lack of manners - I miss them.
Found at the bottom of the garden.
These appeal to the old girl in me!


victoria said...

I also have that book, it's so great!!
The changes in opshops these days are lamentable for sure.

Kombi Kronicles said...

good name for an oppy..."The Lost Opportunity"

Miss Prudence said...

I remember using that book when i was 7 back in the 1970's! ahhh memories.
i know what you mean about the oppies - dreadful, and the prices are going a bit nuts too