Saturday, September 03, 2011

Found Photo #1

Bondi, block of flats, early 70's.

I feel strange owning this photo.
I'm the custodian of this photo.
it comes to be in my possession by default.
I'm not related to this little girl.
She is from Hungary, and immigrated here with her
father and mother in the 1970's.
her Mother didn't like Sydney,
or she didn't like her father, either way, she returned to Hungary.
Her father stayed in Syndey, and married
Big D's Nan (2nd mariage on both parts) sometime in the 1980's, whereupon
this little girl returned to Hungry.
When Big D's Nan passed away, we found a bag of
photos ... and they were going to be thrown away.
We decided we would keep them.


Drewzel said...

Love it. I can't bring myself to throw away old photos away either, whether I know the people in them or not.

Bec @ honi design said...

i love, love love this picture! She looks so chuffed and happy! Like Drewzel I can't throw pictures away. When we were in Berlin i found heaps of boxes filled with photos - I was compelled to buy them but i resisted. Also, when I bought a large veiwmaster lot on eBay, mixed in with the commercial sets were some personl one from a "boys camp" with nuns in the US in the 1950's - i was stoked to get them!!

The Storyteller said...

Well designed, interesting, informative and entertaining. Keep it up