Friday, February 04, 2011

Before & After

I picked up 4 of these chairs about 5 years ago from a Salvos,
they were $5.00 each. They are brilliantly made, I think by
Australian furniture maker Don Rex.
Finally got around to having them reupholstered,
the original mushroom pink velvet never really
did it for me. We got them done for about the same
cost as buying 4 new ones, actually probably worked out
a bit more, but ultimately much nicer than a modern repro.


Donna said...

Hi Claire, Lovely job on the chairs. If you don't already know this blog you might want to check it out. I never tire of looking at all the before and afters like yours. There are some clever people out there.

Cheers Donna

Julie said...

oh nice one!

Drewzel said...

Love! I have a serious chair fetish, so this gets me goin'!

Lily Boot said...

Lovely work! We have a Don Rex sofa and armchairs that we picked up from hard rubbish and had reupholstered and my nanny used to sew the cushion covers for them. Awesome find - the fabric you chose is so good!

louiscrtv said...

Cool chair, check out Pharrells, I love it.