Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bit of this ... bit of that

Our orchids have finally started flowering - it's a long wait, but so very worthwhile.
Little P watching the elephant show at Taronga Zoo with one of her cousins. My brother has 3 boys, and they are down our way visiting the snow, we got to catch up for a couple of days. Little P loves that boy energy! A 3 tier skirt for Little P. A labour of love this one. Wanted to make something that goes with everything. I do love working with prints, but it's great to have something that matches all her printed tops. This one goes with everything, and is quite long, which as they say on Gok, is 'bang on trend'! Looking forward to making some more things for the warmer months ahead. My mojo is returning, in dribs and drabs ....


Stomper Girl said...

I like your pretty tiered skirt, I do. I'm planning to make one of those in a grown-up size soon. Well. Soon-ish.

BundlesofBlossoms said...

OMG-I love that little skirt!

I love print too, but it is so nice to have a solid to showcase the prints.