Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lost: 1 mojo.

Boating at Coatham.

A photo from the 70's taken from this website all about Redcar
I'm from Redcar, and this was a favourite pass time back in the day,
this pond doesn't have boats anymore, because of OH&S issues!
They do still have donkey rides on the beach though!!

I wish I had some finished work to show off, but alas my mojo
has gone awol, I haven't touched a piece of fabric for ages.
I go in to my lady-cave, glance at the fabric, choose some,
and then walk back out, tedious.
I feel the need, just can't seem to find inspiration.
Perhaps with Spring promising to arrive soon, I will.

More later .....


superminx said...

That place looks beautiful. Damn OH&S. They're ruining our lives.

My mojo's gone walkabout too, if it's any consolation. Even my desire to scour op shops has left me - given that now I have the pick of all the cool old stuff my Mum had.

Hope you're keeping well despite the mojolessness... I've taken to obsessing over my sagging skin and contemplating a smorgasboard of cosmetic enhancement surgeries in lieu of being creative *sigh*.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Oh I hear you Andi, DAMN old age .... depressing, there is hope, but don't want to look like a deer in the headlights! Perhaps I'll start with fillers ... and see where we go from there .... I;m inot 'Natio' products at the moment, very good for middle aged skin, plus it's Australian made, and not to exy!

Loz and Dinny said...

Damn the lost mojo. I misplaced mine for nigh on 6 months. It's only choosing to return to spite me now I have nada time. Now if I had me one of those would be so much cruisier. Hope spring blossoms in the lady cave x