Friday, March 05, 2010


Nothing like a refash to tweak the mojo!
I took a rather ill-fitting strapless dress that I bought at the markets and turned it
into a little swing top for Little P.
I love the fabric, think that's why I bought said dress.
Weekend is almost upon us - hope you have some lovely things
planned at your place.


CurlyPops said...

Fab refash - that fabric is gorgeous!

Kombi Kronicles said...

god, I'd wear that, P is lucky, although I'm sure in 30 years she'll moan about the home-made jobbies mummy made her wear back in '10!!

Jacqui said...

clever thing! Can you refash some things up here for me? I seem to have outgrown all my clothes. Nothing to do with eating cake though.

Great find too by the way with the bowl!!

Leni and Rose said...

Oh agreed - a gorgeous refash!!!

prashant said...

that fabric is gorgeous!
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