Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fabric whimsy etc.

A vintage tea towel.
I can't resist the whimsy of these tea towels, and the colours are so vibrant.
Recent fabric finds, close up detail of dear and daisy above, polished cotton.
3 big pieces, tempting my mojo - but at this stage no solid plans for any of these.
And I finally got around to framing these sweet prints
that Victoria sent me when it was her Birthday,
I found these frames at Vinnie's, as I thought
it was only fitting to put her work in
op-shopped frames!


Veronica Darling... said...

Great finds in the fabric area! Woo!

Hope you're feeling a bit better and on the up.

dorothybills said...

love the daisy with 'bambi' fabric, very cute!!

Drewzel said...

Mmmm so much goodness! i love Bambi too!

How are ya chick? I've been restraining myself ...not gusset texting. Hope all is okay in your world xx

victoria said...

I am currenty OBSESSED with frames from the opshop - collecting them everywhere to frame everything.
The self satisfied mouse tea towel is indeed grand.

the textured leaf said...

I think the deer fabric is exquisite. I wouldnt know what to make with these finds.

grrl + dog said...

everytime I visit here, I get op shop envy.

you do score the best!

I only discoverd HUrlsetone park vinnnies last week..

*sigh* now its cooler I can poke my nose out..

prashant said...

love the daisy
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