Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Heart Michael Miller

I bought this Michael Miller Fabric called 'Darlings' years ago, when 'Home Yardage' was open in the city - oh how I loved 'Homed Yardage'! The choice for good quality fabric seems to be getting less not more. The places I haunt these days are 'The Fabric Remnant Wharehouse', 'Spotlight', e-bay and op shops. Thought I would ask my tiny readership where they get their fix? So there's the question , where do you buy your fabric?


ingrid said...

I am shopping more and more online from the US these days. It seems you can always get MM prints and the such way cheaper than you ever can here. But I still rely on SL for all my basics. Oh and I can't forget the local thrift shop. I would be at a loss without them.

Cass said...

I am the same as Ingrid and I also shop at the Remnant Warehouse