Friday, April 13, 2007

Long time no blog. My camera is crap or I'm a crap photographer so I've been put off the blog. I've been thinking about teaching Miss P to sew soon, she's 3 and a bit, then i realised that whenever I sew anything by hand I swear, and I'm not talking gently expletives, it's when I stick myself with a needle or pin, doesn't really conjour up the most motherly sight I know, but I sew and swear alone!

Speaking of the P, she has been doing the wackiest pictures of late, these big heads with eyes, and sticks jutting out for arms and legs (no body at all, but hair!) I love them, so here is one to share.

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marianne said...

I just love childrens drawings...and doesn't it make you feel such a proud mama!