Saturday, August 19, 2006

Very much into this old embroidery - I started the collection at Christmas time, and was on a roll for a while, but haven't found any for a while. I am so amazed by the talent of the women who made these, each one is hand made - they are so intricate and beautiful. I have about 50 peices so far, including 3 aprons, which I guess are from the 1940's (juding by the patterns and colour) they are quite hard to date (apart form the Art Deco ones, true of any Art Deco object!) Aprons are harder to find, probably because they were so well used! I'm quite partial to throwing on an apron when I cook, always tempted to leave it on and do the hoovering!!!

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marianne said...

Ever since Rose started cooking with me I have had a thing for aprons....always feel a bit like Carol Brady when I have my apron on and we're whipping up a batch of sweet things!I am not as inclined to wear one when its just me cooking and something savoury is in the works....I have quite a lovely collection now which I'm sure is not quite finished!